How to Score High in JAMB 2019 – Basic Guides to Score High in JAMB

How to Score High in JAMB 2019 – Basic Guides to Score High in JAMB

The primary requirement to gain admission into Nigerian University and study your desired course. See how to score high in JAMB 2019. You have to score above a required score after you have made your  O’level WAEC or NECO.

How to Score High in JAMB

This article contains basic guides, I am going to show you how to score high in JAMB 2019 with 3oo and above and meet up with your required cut off mark. Many aspirants have been looking for a way on How to Score High in JAMB 2019. If you want to know How to Score High in JAMB 2019 follow this article carefully.

7 Basic Guides on how to Score High In Jamb UTME 2019

1. Prepare With The Right Materials

You also have to understand the syllables that JAMB uses as you prepare for the examination. JAMB do have a standard that they use to set question and you can study past questions and attend seminars, forums and JAMB lessons where these formats are used to study to familiarize yourself with the way JAMB sets question.

2. Practice With JAMB CBT Software

JAMB had moved to a more modern and faster way of conducting their examination through the introduction of CBT centers. This had caused some problems over the times it had been used, from network to power issues and some candidate unfamiliarity with the system. While some technical issues might come up that you cannot solve, you just have to familiarize yourselves with the software as you practice with it.

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3. Know Your Exact Cut off Mark

You also have to be aware of what your desired course of study will demand from you. From what subjects you are to register for and the speculated cut off mark for the course and higher institutions of your choice. This will help you set your target as you prepare for the examination.

4. Understand The Power of Jamb Past Questions

Jamb past questions can make you pass Jamb with lesser effort. The joint admission and matriculation board do not have new questions to set. They re-package the old ones in a way you will not suspect. The use of past questions will reveal this to you. However, not everyone knows how to effectively use Jamb past question.

5. Follow JAMB Updates

You have to be aware of updates from JAMB board as this will help you in planning and preparing for the exams. JAMB have continued to change the format of purchasing forms, the format of writing the exams and how to get admission to the higher institutions. Thus, you have to be current with new JAMB rules, regulations and format to prepare properly for the examination.

Follow JAMB on social platforms, follow website and forums dedicated to JAMB news and information so you can get up to date information.

6. Understand What has changed in Jamb

Ever since the introduction of Jamb CBT, a lot of things have changed. This range from the introduction of CCTV cameras to the use of pin vending system and many more.

A question comes to mind, how do I pass Jamb despite the changes and measures to make the examination strict? You can do that:

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7. Reasons You May Fail Jamb

Whether you believe it or not, you can either succeed or suck seeds in Jamb. Now for you to fail, it means there are factors that sponsor or nourish failure. You will have to address that.

How to Score High in JAMB 2019

How to Score High in JAMB 2019

How to Read/Prepare And Score High in Jamb

1. Read Points

The reason why so many candidates fail Jamb is that they read too hard. But you don’t need to read hard. All you need is to read wisely.

Go through the Jamb syllabus and point out the hot topics. For example, the Jamb mathematics syllabus doesn’t require you to learn inverse of 3*3 matrix. Learning it means that you are off point.

Reading off point is the number one reason why very intelligent students fail Jamb examination. Do not read out of point.

2. Constant Reading

I hear Jamb candidates say, “I have finished this subject, no need to focus on it”. It is not the right attitude towards learning. With every passing week, go through all your subjects over and over again. With this, the points will be clearer to you.

The reason why you should constantly go through your subjects is that it helps you refresh the ideas. Else, you will forget a whole lot of things in the jamb exam hall.

3. Put Down High Score Points

As you study for Jamb, ensure to put down the key points in your rough note. When the exam gets very close, revise the point all over again.

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4. Don’t Just Read Calculation Courses

Do not just read calculation courses. Make sure you pick a pen, calculator and rough sheet. For every topic you learn, solve at least 20 questions.

5. Don’t Assume

Never assume that you know any topic. Test yourself whether you really understand it.

6. Avoid Procrastination

Later things. This is the language of procrastinators. Avoid the use of such language and get back to work.

7. Study Effectively

Effective study means that you actually gained something from what you have studied. As you read, ask yourself, “what have I learnt so far?”.

Telling yourself the truth is honesty.

8. Ask Questions

Do not keep quiet. When you come across what is difficult to you. Quickly seek help.

9. Study Long

It is true that life not all about duration but donation. However, most effective studies are functions of time. Spend quality time to study.

10. You Need Mentor

Mentor is someone that has written Jamb and gained admission to study his desired course. You need guide from a mentor.

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